How does the process work? 

We do not take insurance. Once you schedule an appointment, you will be sent 2 intake packets (about 40 pages of medical history) to fill out and return via email or in person as soon as possible. You will also send in any labs from the last 6 months. 

This will be reviewed thoroughly by your practitioner before the visit. 

The first visit lasts about 2 hours in total. 

The cost of the initial visit is $200.

After the visit, you can decide if you would like to sign up for the monthly billing plan or pay per visit to continue care. 

The monthly billing plan ranges from $200-$500 per month for 14-18 months depending on the care needed. 

A 10% discount is offered if one year is paid in advance.

What is included in the monthly billing plan?

12-24 visits during the year with your practitioner including the initial visit

Follow up visits are 30-60 minutes

10 Nutrition Education Sessions included

5 Health Coaching Sessions included

Recorded Laboratory Interpretations Included

300+ Program Guide Included

Emailing with your practitioner for your plan support.

What is the rate outside of the billing plan? 

Follow up visits are $300 for 60 minutes

$175 for 30 minutes

$100 for 15 minutes

Time is billed equally for email and phone follow-ups.

Health Coaching is $75 per visit.

Can I cancel if I sign up for the monthly plan?

Yes, if a contract is signed at the initial visit it allows you can to cancel at anytime for any reason.

However, if you cancel before the end of the contract then a balance will be calculated based on the doctor’s hourly rate and the amount of health coaching visits attended.

The doctor can also cancel the contract with advance notice if issues arise. 

If this is confusing please call to have your questions answered. 

Can I use insurance for my lab testing?

Yes. Most lab tests are fully or partially covered, some may not be covered or may require a co-pay.