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Our patients at Chicago Natural Health Care often tell us that they are already familiar with immediate allergies (or Type I allergies), although they may not be familiar with the term.


If you know that you are allergic to something because you experience a symptom every time you’re exposed to the allergen, as soon as you’re exposed to it (less than 2 hours after exposure), then that is an immediate allergy.

For a more detailed explanation of how allergies occur in general — and of the terms “antigen” and “antibody” — read our article: Allergy Testing.

In terms of immediate allergies, they are any allergy which causes the immune system to produce a type of antibody or immunoglobulin called IgE. When these IgE antibodies bind to the perceived antigens, they create what’s called an “immune complex”. When certain specialized cells of the body (called “mast cells” and “basophils”) come in contact with these immune complexes, they release a substance known as “histamine” which is responsible for producing all the symptoms the allergy sufferer and patient experiences.


To ask questions about blood allergy testing in Chicago for Immediate Allergies, please call Chicago Natural Health Care at 773.418.6877 or visit our office. We proudly serve Chicago area residents with food allergies testing and individualized nutrition counseling. 

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