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Nobody has to tell you how difficult insomnia can be in your life. When you can’t sleep well, can’t fall asleep or wake up often, it’s hard to think about anything else. Insomnia is incredibly frustrating because it can affect everything else in your life. Because you can’t sleep, you may be distracted, have a hard time concentrating, have less energy, be more affected by stress, get depressed, and deal with all kinds of other symptoms and problems. That’s exactly why those with insomnia often start looking for better insomnia cures or natural insomnia cures that will provide effective relief. Does this sound familiar to you? Or, are you unsure if you have insomnia?

Whether you’re looking for help with insomnia or still trying to figure out if insomnia is what you’re dealing with, Chicago Natural Health Care is here for you. As Chicago’s experts in clinical nutrition and functional medicine, we can help you explore possible insomnia causes, as well as determine what insomnia treatment would make the most sense for you.

The Best Place to Find Insomnia Treatment for Your Condition

No matter how long you’ve been dealing with insomnia, when you’re looking for alternative treatment methods, come to Chicago Natural Health Care, Chicagolands Top Functional Medicine Clinic. We offer a wide range of natural insomnia cures and services to our clients.

  • Functional Medicine & Nutritional care: The goal of our functional medicine and clinical nutrition programs is to get to the root of your insomnia, whether that means thyroid disorders, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, blood sugar issues, cortisol imbalance or another cause. We’ll perform thorough assessments and evaluations to assess your individual biochemistry and determine what recommendations would be most helpful in your case.
  • Talk to us about your symptoms, and we can develop a holistic strategy for targeting them. What’s great about natural treatment options is that they are safe and cause fewer side effects than many over-the-counter sleep aids and prescription medications. Let our professionals look at your complete health picture to maximize wellness through care for the whole body.

How to Educate Yourself About Insomnia and Its Causes

If you have yet to see a doctor about your lack of sleep and are still trying to determine whether you have insomnia, educating yourself ahead of time can be useful. Here are some frequently asked questions about insomnia to help with your understanding of the condition and what can be done.

  • What is insomnia? A common sleep disorder that makes it hard to sleep, stay asleep or get sufficient sleep, insomnia plagues many adults for short periods of time. Some patients, however, deal with chronic insomnia lasting a month or longer. In these cases, insomnia could be the main problem or a resulting problem from another condition.
  • What are the symptoms of insomnia? Typical symptoms of insomnia include difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, waking too early, not feeling fully rested, daytime tiredness, poor concentration, anxiety about sleep, and irritability or depression.
  • What could cause insomnia? While insomnia is not linked with just one issue, there are a variety of insomnia causes that may be at work when you’re struggling to sleep. These causes range from stress to poor sleeping habits to hectic schedules, and they affect most people from time to time. Chronic insomnia, however, can be associated with other medical conditions, from thyroid disorders to hormonal imbalances, or the use of certain drugs. It typically requires treatment to go away. Our Functional Medicine Doctors at Chicago Natural Health Care provide the most effective, research-based treatment options for our patients.
  • Who’s at a higher risk for insomnia? Certain characteristics increase a person’s risk factors for insomnia. If you’re a woman, over age 60, dealing with ongoing stress, experiencing a hectic schedule, and/or suffering from a mental health disorder or serious health condition, you are at a greater risk for insomnia and sleep disorders.
  • What insomnia treatments are available? Medical professionals may recommend a variety of treatment options for insomnia. Options include cognitive behavioral therapy, over-the-counter sleep aids, medications and alternative treatments. At Chicago Natural Health Care, we focus on natural treatment options that address the root of the issues, from adrenal fatigue to blood sugar dysfunction to digestive conditions.

Remember that the awakening after a few hours of sleep and not being able to get back to sleep is often rebound from what you ate or drank hours before. High sugar, alcohol, highly spiced foods and of course, caffeinated drinks are often the culprits.

If you are unknowingly deficient in chromium, vanadium, manganese and other nutrients you can experience hypoglycemic rebound in a few hours where you abruptly wake-up and are unable to drift back to sleep which can cause insomnia. Now consider something called the “happy hormones” that lead to a restful sleep which we look for at Chicago Natural Health Care with our Functional Medicine approach. One of these hormones is serotonin, which anti-depressants like Prozac work on. We make serotonin from the amino acid tryptophan which can come from our diets or our own bodies.

Unfortunately as we age or faced with an overload of stress the level of serotonin suffers. Dozens of studies show that low tryptophan levels lead to insomnia, awakening feeling unrested, inability to stay asleep after getting there, and just lying there all night watching the clock. For over a quarter of a century literally, dozens of studies have proven this amino produces a great sleep in many, and with no side effects or hangover. In fact, folks have better mental clarity during the day. Furthermore, it improves daytime depression, PMS, fibromyalgia, and anxiety as well as carbohydrate cravings, binge-eating and even alcohol recovery.

Now from a functional medicine perspective it is important to know that a simple B6 or zinc deficiency can contribute to insomnia. A common vitamin B6 deficiency can keep you awake all night, or low zinc causing impaired conversion of B6, which is needed to make tryptophan work. If you have an elevated organic acid, kynurenate acid, for example, and a low tryptophan, the correction of B6 may be all you need. Now don’t forget plasticizers in our bodies lower zinc which is needed in the enzyme to convert B6 to its active form so it can then transform tryptophan to a serotonin.

Whether you already have an insomnia diagnosis or are still researching the condition, you are welcome to talk with our experts at Chicago Natural Health Care. Through our variety of professional, natural insomnia treatments, we can help you care for your body and restore overall health to its systems. As a result, you may see improvement in sleep and a reduction of insomnia symptoms.

Interested in learning more about insomnia and how Chicago Natural Health Care can partner with you to combat it? 

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