How does the process work? 

We do not take insurance for Visits. However, some laboratory tests may be covered by insurance. Once you schedule an appointment, you will be sent 2 intake packets (about 40 pages of medical history) to fill out and return via email or in person as soon as possible. You will also send in any labs from the last 6 months. 

This will be reviewed thoroughly by Dr. Patrick or Dr. Crifase before the visit. 

The first visit lasts about 2 hours and the second visit lasts about 1 hour. 

The cost of the initial two visits is $450. We accept Cash, Credit Card, HSA/FSA, or available Financing Options.

After the second visit, you can decide if you would like to sign up for the monthly billing plan or pay per visit to continue care. 

Please review the billing tab and/or call for more information. 


Your initial meeting with our Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition team will take approximately one hour.  During this time, a thorough medical and lifestyle history will be conducted. We will discuss your current health concerns, listening to your stories and looking at the interactions between genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health. We will mutually agree on a go-forward plan.

Following the initial assessment, the Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition team will order a series of diagnostic exams, intended to get a comprehensive picture of your health and biochemical makeup. Labs requested might include:

  • Comprehensive Blood Analysis
  • Salivary cortisol: this test is used to assess adrenal
  • Complete GI panel: this test is used for detection of chronic hidden infections, GI inflammation, compromised digestion and to assess the immune system
  • Food Sensitivities: the food sensitivity testing is used to detect hidden food sensitivity, a common source of chronic inflammation. This is helped from a food intolerance test.
  • Organic Acid Testing: this test is used to identify vitamin, mineral and amino acid insufficiencies
  • Fatty Acid Profile: this test is used to assess the ratio of omega 6: omega 3. This ratio plays a major role in determining whether your internal environment is pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory
  • Homocysteine and hs-CRP: elevated homocysteine and hs-CRP levels are both risk factors for heart disease
  • Vitamin D: vitamin D supports our bone health, mental health, immune system and insulin levels

After your laboratory assessments are completed, our Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition team will schedule a complete review of the findings. During this time together you will have a comprehensive discussion of your results and- more importantly-set a course of action to help you live better. This may include dietary change, supplementation, behavioral modification, and counseling. Our Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition doctors will connect you with the best experts in Chicago to help achieve these goals and will schedule regular check-ins to monitor progress and ensure that you are truly changing and adopting practices to live better every day.










For those already living a healthy lifestyle, we can work together, identify imbalances or nutritional deficiencies before disease occurs. 

  • Prevent chronic disease
  • Address Chronic Diseases related to Family History
  • Diet and Lifestyle Modifications
  • Optimize Athletic Performance
  • Optimize well-being 
  • Nutritional testing
  • Genetic testing
  • Dietary supplementation as needed
  • Learn Meditation
  • Healthy Aging
  • Juicing 


Here at Chicago Natural Health Care, we take time to listen to our patients.

We don’t rush you in and out. The initial history is an important part of the evaluation process as are your ongoing consultations. Most of our patients positively comment on how much time we spend with them. Our comprehensive forms and detailed consultations are necessary for the diagnosis and management of your condition.

We evaluate and manage the many different systems of the body and how they interact together. This is an important part of holistic therapy. You can’t just look a condition without also considering other factors affecting it like the immune system, the neurologic system, the digestive system, other hormones and diet, and nutrition. You can’t ignore the master systems that controls all the functions of the body.


At Chicago Natural Health Care we evaluate and balance your digestive system.

Did you know, eighty percent of your immune system involves your gut? Your gut is a barrier that allows nutrients into the bloodstream and keeps toxins out. When this barrier is broken down, toxins leak into your bloodstream, which stresses your immune system. This is called Intestinal Hyperpermeability or Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). LGS is the precursor to autoimmune conditions. This must be diagnosed and managed to achieve maximum results. Also, any infections in the gut can weaken your immune system. Proper diagnosis and management of these infections are critical for relief. Finally, optimal levels of good bacteria, called probiotics, in the gut are essential for digestive immunity and the breakdown of food.

We customize a diet based on your individual lab tests. There are foods that everyone should eat and foods everyone should avoid. We create an individualized diet based on generalized healthy foods, foods that should be eaten or avoided based on your health concerns and specific foods that may be causing you an immune reaction based on lab tests. What about bread, pasta, and pancakes? That depends on your lab tests. We test for cross-reactive foods: foods that can cause an immune reaction like gluten. Also, we test for alternative grains. Gluten-free bread and pasta have flours of quinoa, tapioca, rice, amaranth, and others. What if you have an allergic reaction to any of these grains as well as gluten? We won’t guess, we will test these other grains and know for sure if you can eat them.


At Chicago Natural Health Care we are diligent about finding the cause of your condition.

Once we know the cause, based on your lab tests, we will know exactly how to manage your condition to provide maximum relief of your symptoms. Holistic therapy involves finding the underlying cause of health problems, as well as evaluating and managing the different systems of the body and how they interact by using natural therapies that work with your body.

No one can cure an autoimmune disorder but we can balance it once we find the underlying cause.

Medications used to treat autoimmune disorders actually shut down your immune system. At first you may feel better but eventually, you will get very sick because you will have beaten down and had NO immune system left! Also, if you do not balance the immune system it can attack other tissues in your body and cause other autoimmune disorders. It’s much easier to prevent these other autoimmune disorders.


We evaluate and balance your nervous system.

Your nervous system is the master system of the body. It controls all other systems: the immune system, the digestive system, the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system. If you turn on a light switch and the light does not come on, you can replace the bulb or you may have to switch on the circuit breaker. If you just change the light bulb, you are just treating the symptom, when there may be underlying circuit breaker shut off. Addressing the circuit breaker is like addressing the nervous system, which is the master control system of the body. Evaluating and managing the nervous system is unique to our office and is critical for balancing and managing complex disorders.


If you’re looking for exceptional care, look no further than Chicago Natural Health Care.

If you’ve been searching for the best care from excellent functional wellness practitioners, look no further than our wellness clinic.


Contact us today by calling (773) 418-6877 to schedule a consultation.



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